Connecting our Community Through the Arts



The idea behind AAGW was first explored during a meeting of Waynesboro Vision 2015. Starting in June 2010, Andrew Sussman, a member of Vision 2015, began the process of inviting community members to engage in a series of discussions to consider founding an arts council or alliance in Waynesboro.
In March 2012, Sussman and Philip Horn, Executive Director of the PA Council on the Arts, invited consultant, John Divine to lead 16 volunteers in a retreat to discuss the future of the arts as they relate to the greater Waynesboro area. From this meeting, a group of eight agreed to serve as the Steering Committee.
In September 2012 a Board of Directors was formed and AAGW began the process of formally serving the Greater Waynesboro community.
Greater Waynesboro is defined as the areas served by Waynesboro area school district.

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