Connecting our Community Through the Arts

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Arts Alliance of Greater Waynesboro* (AAGW) was established in the fall of 2012 and is incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit.  The goal of the organization is to bring together area artists, musicians, arts organizations, businesses, government, and arts lovers to foster better communication and cooperation in support of the arts. It is our belief that a strong arts community is key to improved quality of life and vibrant economic development.

AAGW will:

1. Increase promotion and support of the arts. (Develop artist directory, calendar, website, social media presences, and networking opportunities within the arts community).

2. Explore integrating Waynesboro area arts into community planning and economic development.

3. Work to assist and promote existing arts organizations and artists, and encourage and help new ones to emerge or re-locate to the area.

4. Explore opportunities to assist professional artists with educational partnerships.

5. Advocate for the arts in greater Waynesboro, and share our enthusiasm for the arts with our community.

AAGW believes in integrating the arts into community life as well as helping arts education thrive. It collaborates with schools, community non-profits, arts organizations (both nonprofit and for-profit), and artists, and the communities that span our area including downtown Waynesboro while bringing diverse people together.

AAGW will be led by a Board of Directors representing the constituents of our community.  This Board will then be charged with developing a mission statement and Board structure.

AAGW’s role is to facilitate, partner with, and assist artists and arts organizations, and to promote their work, activities and raise community awareness.  In conjunction with it’s Destination ARTS! initiative, AAGW will also plan and develop exhibits, concerts, classes, and special events to benefit the community and the artists and arts organizations it supports.

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